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"By adorning the visible, material body, [the art of henna] also seek[s] to satisfy a universal longing for the embellishment of its intangible counterpart: the human spirit."                                                                                                            - Oppi Untract


Would you like to bring more Beauty, Blessings & Health into your Life?

Our team is at your service.

Are you looking for: 


     ~ A fun and interesting activity during your private or corporate party/event that will leave your guests feeling beautiful and pampered? 


     ~ A cool ammenity for your Birthday Party, Bachelorette Party, Spa Day, Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, Employee Appreciation Day, and the like?


     ~ A special and personalized adornment to accompany and bless that transformative occasion: Marriage or Motherhood? 


     ~ A beautiful piece of temporary body art for yourself that will keep your Spirit and feelings of Beauty lifted?


     ~ An artistic practice that you and your loved ones can learn to use to manage stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and other mental/emotional challenges, in favor of a healthy mind-body balance that is experienced when you paint or draw your own henna-inspired art? 


     ~ A mindfulness practice for you, which can translate into inspirational art for your living and/or workspace, inspirational and personalized gifts for your loved ones, and even a new source of income, if you're so inclined?  


We invite you to take a tour through our services and products! 

Please feel free to Contact Us with your Henna-related questions and/or comments!

Henna Parties & Events

Bring a touch of mystique and beauty to your private or corporate party/event. From Birthdays, Showers, Bachelorette parties, Spa Days, Corporate Retreats, etc., a touch of Henna Tropical will leave your guests with a beautiful memento of that special celebration.

Bridal & Prenatal Henna

Invite beauty, good fortune, and grace into your home, marriage, and family with a bridal or prenatal henna piece. This tradition has been practiced for generations as a way to bless these special moments of Love & Transformation in life. 

Henna Classes & Workshops

Book your private one-on-one or group class, where you may learn basic, intermediate, and advanced techniques to not only draw beautiful patterns with henna, but also to use its healing properties to bring even more beauty, balance, and health into your life. You may also join us for one or more of our workshops as part of our 5-workshop series "The Art of Henna & its Effects on the Body and the Mind". 

Henna-Inspired Art & Products

Our Henna-inspired art is drawn or painted by hand by one of our skilled artists and is charged with a positive intention for those who come in contact with it. Use this art to decorate and charge your home, office, car, and/or that of a loved one, with the highest intention of peace, grace, protection, wellbeing, and universal love. 


Henna Tropical was born from the collaboration of Laura E. Velázquez - landscape architect, seasoned yoga instructor, Thai Massage therapist, and Henna artist -, and Katia Bobonis - somatic psychologist, seasoned yoga instructor and yoga therapist, licensed massage therapist, and Henna artist. With a combined experience of over 20 years in the fields of Wellness and Henna Body Art, Henna Tropical takes your henna experience to a whole new level of beauty, blessings, health, and fine craftsmanship! 

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